Monday, November 21, 2011

ISIS Alpenglow Coat: For That In-Between Weather

Too cold for a rain shell but too warm for your heavy winter coat?  Isis has come out with that elusive in-between coat that rea.  If you are looking for that coat to fill the gap between your down coats and those light weight rain slickers, check out the Isis Alpenglow Coat.

This coat is butter soft and does not make that swishy rain coat sound, it feels pretty luxurious on.  A cute bubbly pattern is stitched into the fabric and it has a two way zipper which is handy in the car or any time you're sitting down.  There's a stitched belt panel in the back which creates a slimming feminine line in the back and the side panels and the way the zippers are placed are also quite flattering. Two security pockets, one on the inside and one on the chest are great for tickets, id's and money.

It's machine washable and low maintenance and because it's not bulky, it would be great for travel.  I haven't tried it in really cold weather yet, but it's perfect for 50 degree weather and up.  I'm sure you could go much lower than that.  It's done great in the rain, and though I wish the hood were more rounded and less pointy, but it's functional and works great in a downpour.   It's nice enough that you can wear it with skirts and dresses, and casual enough to look great with jeans.  ISIS is a clothing company focused on active women.  I love that they make quality (read: buy it once) feminine clothes for women who like to get outside, or even more important, to inspire us to get out there.  Check out the versatile Alpenglow coat HERE.