Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brad's Raw Kale Chips: VAMPIRE KILLER

Have you tried Brad's Raw Leafy Kale Chips yet?  Be prepared to get hooked.  I've been eating them non stop for days and can't get enough.  Out of the three flavors I've tried, Vampire Killer, Nasty Hot, and Naked, my preference is the Naked which is the perfect blend of savory crunch.  I make kale chips all the time at home and they never taste like this.  Not even close, I don't know how they do it, but they are super delicious and addictive.  What a great snack for kids!  They have that junk food like satisfaction factor without all those empty calories, and they don't leave you feeling yucky after eating a whole box (which we have done!).  Because they are cooked below 115 degrees, they are also packed with precious vitamins and enzymes.

The Garlicy VAMPIRE KILLER Raw Leafy Kale chips are so perfect for Halloween week, don't you think?  Great for parties and snacks.  They're a healthy alternative to all that junk out there and put your average chip to shame in terms of flavor.  Seriously, I'd rather have this than any chip I can think of.  Ingredients are wholesome and pure and include cashews, red peppers, lemon, and sunflower seeds. There's just one thing---they're not organic!  Come on Brad!!!  Make them organic, please?  I will be buying them by the case as soon as I see that organic seal.   People who are willing to pay extra for healthy food have the expectation that it will be organic.  Apart from this important oversight, they are perfect.  Especially fabulous for vegans and vegetarians who don't have as many snacky options as omnivores, but I can't imagine anyone not liking these, even folks who aren't big on the green stuff.  These would be of my favorite raw finds ever,  if they were organic.  Check them out HERE.