Saturday, October 29, 2011

DANDIES Gluten Free Vegan Marshmallows

Hot chocolate season is here and some people like it with marshmallows.  What's a vegetarian to do?  Check out these DANDIES vegan marshmallows--vegan and yummy.  Do you know what's in conventional marshmallows?  Bones and hooves.  Sound good?  Traditional marshmallows contain gelatin and that's what gelatin is made of--organs, skin, and bones from animals.  And they don't taste that great anyway.

But these vegan marshmallows are pretty good and my six year old loves them.  I feel okay popping some in his hot chocolate and for him it's a big treat.  They're small, minis, so not that great for roasting over a fire--maybe they'll come out with bigger ones some day.  You can still make smores in the oven with these and you can make rice crisp treats too.  Why would anyone want to eat the gross kind when you can have these?  They would be wonderful to have on hand for Halloween, hot chocolate is extra great after trick or treating.  And if you are lucky enough to live in a climate where it snows, there's nothing like a hot cup of cocoa after snow play.  Stock up on a few packs for the winter pantry HERE.