Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gourmet on the Go with GSI's Kitchen 23

GSI's Kitchen 23 was designed with camping in mind, but I think it's great for travel too.  With pretty much everything you need to create healthy gourmet dishes, this 23 piece portable kit is fabulous for car camping and for car travel.  It comes in a sleek carry case with a semi-hard shell to keep your supplies organized and protected.  You can remove certain items and add your own preferences, and there's room inside for more stuff if you'd like to include extras.  I added some Dr. Bronners biodegradable soap and some utensils and additional spices and there is still room for more.

A hearty well prepared meal is such a treat on camping trips.  Food tastes so much better outdoors and after a day of adventure, it's even more pleasurable.  Figuring out all the stuff you need for food prep can be tedious, as well as trying to keep it all organized.  The Kitchen 23 does it for you.  You got your silverware, your salt and pepper shaker, condiment containers, grater, whisk (for those blueberry pancakes), cutting board, and more.

I love it for travel because when you are on the road, it can be hard to find healthy food.  With this and a knowledge of where the organic foods stores are, and maybe a few other things like a hot plate, you can create healthy meals right in your hotel room.  Hint:  The holidays are coming and his would make a fabulous gift for the outdoorsy gourmet type.  Find it on the GSI Outdoors Website.