Monday, November 16, 2009

Plan Toys Terrace Dollhouse

Did you have a dollhouse as a kid? I remember mine. It was all I wanted for my third year Christmas and it was one of those Fisher Price houses with the little peg people. I loved it. They didn't have Plan Toys back then, but I would have gone crazy for the Terrace Dollhouse.

First off, Plan Toys is an environmentally responsible company that practices the reduce-reuse-recycle principle. Their toys are completely non-toxic and made to last. Well made of eco friendly rubber wood, this house can be passed down through your family for generations. Heirloom toys are a way to feel connected and also keep the waste down. The few times I got toys passed on to me they became my favorites.

It comes unassembled but is easy to put together. The terrace is a nice place to put a little garden or patio while the attic might make a fun playroom. Kids love to rearrange furniture (sold separately) which helps them build their decision making faculties. What I love about a toy like this is it propels the child into the world of imagination. There's no corporate undertone--the house, matching people and furniture are simple enough for children to elaborate on their own.

Traditionally, we might think of a dollhouse as a toy for girls. However, boys love them too. My son incorporates his jeep and fire truck into the dollhouse scenario and it works really well. Also, this house is very gender neutral in both color and style. If your son has a dollhouse, when he has play dates with girls, they will be thrilled to see it and it makes a nice activity for two children to play with together. My son has little wooden animals that have become members of the household as well.

I can't say enough good things about Plan Toys. Check out their variety of houses, furniture, and people at Maukilo where you can find more classic toys and eco friendly brands like HaBa and Green Toys.


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