Monday, November 30, 2009

Keen Madrid Ballerina Shoes, the Ultimate Travel Shoe

Going somewhere warm this winter? Keen's Madrid Ballerina shoes are the perfect shoe for traveling. You can slip them right off to go through security at the airport and they're lightweight enough for the suitcase. Most importantly--they are very comfortable. I am not one for flats with thin soles--I like a lot of shock absorption in my shoes and want the option of being on my feet all day comfortably, especially while traveling. This cute little shoe fits the bill while still looking feminine. You can wear them sightseeing all day and go right into night with a dress or skirt.

Keen shoes last forever--I have a pair of six year old Keen boots that are still my winter staple. Sizing can be tricky, I always size up a half size with Keen from an 8.5 and it's a perfect fit for me, but I have heard others say they are true to size. If possible, it might be a good idea to try them on first or order from an online store like Zappos which makes exchange super easy and fast.

They would look adorable with a pair of yoga pants and would work well in a business casual office environment...the options are endless. Cluttered closets are no fun, so I really appreciate a multifunctional shoe. They are vegan friendly, come in several different colors, and are cuter in person than in the photo. I can't say enough good things about this shoe, whether you are traveling or reside in a warmer climate, check them out. They are the shoe equivalent to the little black dress.


Unknown said...

I have been looking everywhere for something like this. Thank you for posting!!! On my way to zappos right now!

Eco Mama said...

Hi Carmen,
Glad you liked them! They are really fabulous--I bet you'll love them more in person.
Eco Mama

Mary said...

Oh man, those look mighty comfortable! Not that I need more comfy shoes...I have a million.

Eco Mama said...

Thanks for visiting Mary!
Eco Mama

dan said...

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