Monday, November 9, 2009

Emile Henry Braiser: Eco Friendly Holiday Cookware

Thanksgiving is coming--and Christmas--and New Years--and big dinners are part of the festivities. Eco friendly cookware that can go from the oven to the table and look great is invaluable, especially if, like me, you have limited storage space. Enter the Emile Henry Braiser.

This brasier is perfect for braising greens, roasting vegetables, baking casseroles, and desserts like cobbler or apple crisps. You can saute onions right in the pan, then add the rest of your ingredients, pop it in the oven, and look beautiful on the table. When you go to clean it, baked on food comes right off--no need for noxious non-stick. If you need to take a dish to a family member or friend's house, this would be a handy thing to have as you can prep your food, store it, and make a nice presentation at your destination.

My standard (extremely easy) crowd pleaser: vertically sliced red potatoes and sweet potatoes, carrots also sliced vertically, sliced onions, olive oil, salt and pepper roasted for about 45 minutes. So simple and so delicious! You can use any combination of root vegetables including beets and parsnips.

Raised dots on the inside of the lid evenly distribute evaporated juices back down into the food so that it is cooked more evenly and infused with flavor. It is made to go from freezer to oven to table to dishwasher. I love the big handles on the lid and sides. This is my first experience with this kind of cookware, and I am very impressed. The ceramic is way easier to clean than stainless--I have a great Cuisinart braiser that I don't want to use anymore now that I have this. Find it HERE.


Unknown said...

I love ceramic cookware. Emile Henry is supposed to be really good, maybe I'll give it a try.

Eco Mama said...

Hi Carmen!
Let me know what you think if you get one. Happy cooking!
Eco Mama