Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kate Bush: 50 Words for SNOW

Kate Bush is one of my favorite musical artists ever and I've been waiting with for her latest effort, 50 WORDS FOR SNOW.  We haven't heard from Bush since 2005's Ariel and many of us have been eager to see what she would do next.  Just in time for the season, 50 Words does not disappoint, in fact, I haven't been this excited about new music in a long time.

Available on iTunes, be sure to purchase the whole album as one of the best songs (Misty) is not available separately and it's layered and lush and brilliant.

With songs about the mythical snow monster, aka Yeti, a love affair with a snowman, and the wonderment of snow,  Bush is up to her usual magic and I can't get enough, highly recommended.