Monday, January 2, 2012

The One Resolution I Wish Everyone Would Make

I say it every year, the one resolution I wish everyone would make is to go organic.  This is a step that doesn't just enhance your own life, but changes the quality of life for your community and your planet.  Harsh farming has damaged our soil which is much more valuable than gold.  Our crops suffer and the folks working the farms are exposed to carcinogens and pay the price.  Pesticides are linked to cancer and more maladies than I can count.

Outlawed in other companies, GMOs are gaining ground and the only way to know you are not getting frankenfood is to look for that organic seal.  GMOs are implicated in health issues, further soil erosion, and some think waning of our bee populations.

Organic food can cost more, but not always, especially if you buy seasonally.  Organic farms are not subsidized and farming is more labor intensive and involved.  I have the highest respect for organic farmers and think they should be at the very top of our social status stratosphere, way above doctors and lawyers.  They are creating what will go in our bodies and create us--literally!  We have not been recognizing or paying the actual cost of quality food.  Factor in health care costs in the long term, organic food is cheap.

If I had to move to an efficiency apartment to afford organic food, I would, that's how important it is to me.  Food without the poison--seriously.  It never ceases to amaze me this is still a choice.  For those living in areas where organic food is hard or impossible to find, consider growing it or forming a community co-op.   We are what we eat, on a cellular level, is there anything more important for your heath than to make sure that food is pure?