Friday, March 18, 2011

Gearing Up for Spring Break Part 2: Kids

Want to get the kids excited about travel?  Give them their own gear.  Not only does it give them a thrill and sense of responsibility, it makes things easier for us.  I love this DANTE BEATRIX PERCIVAL WHEELIE BAG.   How cute is this?  It's pthalate, lead, and pvc free and has the same charm as the cool Dante Beatrix lunch boxes.  There are organization compartments and those cheeky devil horn zipper pulls.  You can write your name on the label in the back and I suspect this would be a very hard bag to lose track of as it would really stand out.  The handle is adjustable for different heights (even adults) and they come in various ultra-cute designs.  Just looking at them warms my heart.  I think it's one of those things that you'd want to hang on to even after your child has grown up.  It could house various mementos from your trips, artwork, special clothes and other childhood treasures.  Find them HERE.

Like adults, kids need a day pack.  I like this Kelty Kids Grommet pack because it is heavy duty and will last forever.  It will double as a school pack and the straps stay put with weight.  It comes in several colors and patterns and has plenty of organizer pockets for snacks, books, a jacket, electronics and water bottles.  If your child travels light it would work fine as an overnight bag, and I think it's perfect for the plane and use as a day pack for longer trips.  Find it HERE.

For kids beyond toddler-hood (that you don't have to worry about choking hazards with), I like these Think-etsIt's the perfect size to slip in your purse or pack and pull out when needed.  Having a few tricks up your sleeve can save the day and this should keep them busy for a while.  I love open ended imaginative play and that is what this is.  It's a small tin box filled with tiny trinkets including an arrowhead, a small tomato, an air plane and a star.  It can be used a number of ways--pull out various pieces and tell a stories based on various criteria, pick a piece and tell everything you know about it, make up questions, ad-libs, it's all about your imagination.  This would be great to have on the train, in the hotel and in restaurants. Wrap it up as a little present and pull it out at the right moment.


Debra said...

That is a super cute suitcase- my boys would love it. Great tips for traveling with kids! Thanks so much.

Eco Mama said...

Thanks Debra!
Eco Mama