Monday, March 7, 2011


Kris Carr could make anything fun.  Anything.  Even drinking your greens and getting a tube up your butt (colonics).  CRAZY SEXY DIET is infused with healthy information made fun.  Her great vibes are infectious, the tone is sassy and creative and it feels like a conversation with a good friend.

Every now and then, even though I eat this way pretty much normally, I need a good kick in the pants.  Seems like every holiday I start veering off with chocolate and cookies (vegan and organic, but still). Her words are just what I needed to refocus.  For those new to this lifestyle, I can't imagine a better introduction.

I Love Kris Car. Love Love Love her, and I can't imagine anyone not loving her. But you know what made me adore her even more?  The things she wrote about sugar.  Never have I heard anyone articulate the evils of sugar so perfectly.  And the honesty--just beautiful.   I was both laughing and nodding as I was reading about her battles with this wickedly addictive substance.  I loved hearing about how, at night, she would hear that spaghetti western music playing in her head as she faced the sugar monster.  Boy have I been there. 

There's a great primer on PH and why we want to strive to be as alkaline as possible, why we should try to eat foods low on the glycemic index, and what causes and prevents inflammation.   It's all about eating to cope with or prevent disease and feel your very best.  This translates into looking your best too. 

This book is jammed packed with great information and guest appearances form many well known contributors in the field of nutrition and integrative medicine, like Dr. Hyman, Dr. Bernard, and Kathy Freston among others.  It's very well balanced giving you a ton to work with in a variety of areas beyond diet.  Movement, meditation, massage, safe body and household products are all touched upon as part of a healthy lifestyle. There's a 21 day cleanse and some yummy recipes in the back to get you going.  Highly recommended!

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HiHoRosie said...

I'm reading this book right now too and love it! Her humor makes you stay tuned and I feel really inspired by it.

bitt said...

I agree! A great book. I too struggle with sugar. It's a toughie.