Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yes! End the Phone Book Deluge, Please!

When I saw this post on Treehugger, I was cheering.  By all means, yes, telephone book companies please stop!  Every six months (sometimes it seems like more) I get two phone  books dropped off on my porch.  Phone books I don't need, phone books I don't want.  If I'm home I run out quickly and give them back and say, please take these.  I am always met with the same response, "Oh you can just recycle them."  Um, No.

We shouldn't have to recycle what we don't want/need in the first place.  How is it okay for companies to litter your porch with this stuff?  And that goes double for the mailbox.  Stay tuned for a solution--I'm still working on it.

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