Thursday, January 27, 2011

Backyard Eggs: Yes or No?

Lately I've been thinking about including eggs in my family's diet.  I like the idea of backyard chickens and organic urban homesteading.  There is a back to basics quality about this that is not only practical, but life-enriching and eco friendly.

My son is completely fascinated by eggs, and has been asking for this for a while.  And lately, as my diet has become more and more restricted (going gluten free, trying to manage migraines and eat for optimal health) I have become open to eating eggs occasionally, as long as they are sourced from chickens that are raised in a certain manner.  If treated right, I don't have a problem with people having chickens and don't see it as much different from having cats or dogs.  But I do question how healthy eggs are.

So, I've been looking into this and have come across some disturbing information.  Cholesterol issues aside (not so concerned about that), there's another reason eggs might not be a healthy choice.  My rule for eating eggs was that they must come from backyard or free range local farm chickens fed organically.  Well get this--dioxins (highly toxic dangerous chemicals) are most prevalent in these particular chickens.

What?!  It seems our earth has become so toxic that the chickens are consuming dioxins which translate to eggs.  Foraging was once thought to be the way to get the most nutritious eggs.  I'm aware that dairy and meat often contain dioxins but until now, I didn't realize they find their way into organic backyard chickens (I should have known because dioxins, which are stored in fat, are found in human eggs and breast milk). Another reason why the vegan diet seems pretty optimal.   I will continue to look into this and report back.  Everybody reading this knows not to eat the ultra-cruel factory farmed fung-eggs, or the pseudo humane "cage free" varieties, right?  Maybe it would be a good idea to be mindful and moderate about free range egg consumption?  To be continued. 

Image Credit:  madelinetosh


JBirch22 said...
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bitt said...

To the previous commenter: there' no need to have B-12 defiency! take a supplement and you'll be fine! the reason we need to supplement sources from the same problem: soil.

it doesn't surprise me at all that the eggs are full of dioxins. animals concentrate all the toxins in the earth. interesting stuff.

JBirch22 said...

Wow, I did not know that. I wonder if the area you live in makes any difference? For instance, if you live out in the country or even off the grid, would the accumulation in the soil be comparable to a city? Probably not.

All the same, when weighed against irreversible neurological damage caused by B12 deficiency... I think I'll still choose the eggs :p

JBirch22 said...

i personally don't consider a diet you have to supplement to be a normal, healthy diet for our species... but I totally support anyone who decides to be vegan. I just don't see it as a natural human diet is all.

yardsnacker said...

Interesting post. Sort of like Mother's milk concentrating stuff like rocket fuel and pollution. But what are you going to do? I wonder if there is more to the health of an egg than just the stuff that's in it. I'd take a healthy chicken eating slugs and grass, socializing with its chicken girlfriends anyday over a store bought egg. Peace.