Sunday, October 17, 2010

Plants Vs. Zombies

What do you do with your five year old boy on a chilly Autumn morning?  Lay in bed under tons of covers and play Plants Vs. Zombies, that's what!  I am sooo not a video game person, eschewing them for years.  But we got an iPod Touch and I'm okay with some of those games which are apps (in moderation).  And they also have tons of educational apps for kids--math, flash cards, etc., very cool.

In the spirit of Halloween, I downloaded Plants Vs. Zombies and neither one of us can get enough.  We snuggled under the covers giggling and whacking zombies with peashooters and cherry bombs until the iPod needed a recharge.  It's visually great with tons of vibrant colors and graphics, and the zombies are cute, there's no blood and guts or anything.

For anyone who loves botanicals and has a sense of humor, I recommend this highly!  Is it green?  I think so, the ipod is a tiny self contained party box filled with endless options and I don't know how we got by without it.  Seriously, I can now make phone calls, I can go to appointments with my son, I can shop with ease and I can sleep in a little bit.  Amazing.  And it's also a fun interactive thing for us to do together.

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