Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Boo-opoly for Halloween: Stay at Home Fun

Need some festive entertainment for Halloween?  If you like Monopoly, you will probably like this Halloween themed version of the classic.  Boo-opoly is perfect for Halloween parties or for fun after trick or treating. Instead of the shoe, the dog, the car, etc, lead free pewter game pieces include a ghost, pumpkin, and scary cat.

The houses are haunted, full moons take the place of hotels, and property names are transformed into apt titles, for instance Park Place in Boo-opoly is Dark Place.  The artwork on the board is great, featuring spooky trees, a full moon and dark clouds, the dice are black and orange, the properties are marked with tombstones--visually it's wonderful.  It's for players age 8 and up, but I played it with my five year old and we did great, he loved the imagery and got the concept.

For younger players, 5-8, Late for The Sky, the company who makes Boo-opoly, makes a more age appropriate game, Monster-opoly, which is a less complicated version of monopoly.  Players collect monsters instead of property and each monster has a funny bio with its own monster characteristics.  They're not scary, but funny, like the Giggle Monster and my favorite, the Broccoli Monster.  The die is large for little hands and the graphics on the board are silly and fun.  It's a cute game.

Late for The Sky games are made in the US and are printed on recycled paper using soy based inks.  I think these games and a big bowl of popcorn and festive treats would make for a great night in.

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