Thursday, June 3, 2010

Green Your Workout with NATURAL FITNESS

Natural Fitness premium eco-fitness products will green your fitness routine with sustainable non toxic gear.  Their products are free of common dangers such as lead, pthalates, PVC, and cadmium.  Instead, Natural Fitness utilizes natural and renewable fibers such as bamboo, hemp, natural rubber, and cork.  Check out this exercise ball.  It's non toxic and phthalate free and wonderful for increasing balance, mobility and core strength.  I love the unusual and pretty olive color.  It comes with a dvd, air pump, and as part of the Zero Impact Program, a tree is planted with each purchase.

I also like their colorful eco friendly yoga mats.  This moss/lavender natural rubber professional yoga mat is visually appealing but also non toxic, sustainable and renewable.  It's very comfortable, lightweight and does not have an odor.  Sometimes even natural yoga mats will have a bit of off-gassing in the beginning, but this one is good to go.  It's extra long to lenghthen your poses.

Being the visual creature that I am, I really appreciate the unusual colors Natural Fitness offers in their products.  If you love your gear, you will enjoy your activity more.  And with these tools available, there is no reason to buy the standard, often toxic equipment.  Natural Fitness has a big selection and reasonable prices, check them out HERE.


HiHoRosie said...

I love the colors! So fun and vibrant.

Eco Mama said...

Me too Heidi, color is so important.
Eco Mama

nicole schumacher said...

Thanks for the review Eco Mama! Your friends at Natural Fitness.