Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sustainable Fashion: tika merino

Look at this gorgeous hoodie tunic from Tika Merino.  I'm in love with the rich dark charcoal carbon color and the flattering, versatile style.  A piece like this is a wardrobe staple.

The hood creates a beautiful neckline and the fit is flattering.  It's great with jeans and boots or over a dress or skirt. We think of wool as a winter fiber, but because of its breathability and adaptability, it's good for every season.  I would (and will) wear this over linen on a cool summer night.  It has crossover appeal being both sexy and sophisticated, but also works for the casual and would go from an evening out to sitting around a campfire.

Perfect for travel since it is great for diverse climates, it can be worn as a dress, top, or outer layer for warmth. It's  lightweight and won't add a lot of bulk, the wool repels spills and stains (did you hear that, mamas?), and resists odor and wrinkles.  This will forever go into my suitcase and, I have a feeling, will be worn to tatters.

Tika Merino is based in New Zealand and sources their wool from farms which are audited and certified to meet strict environmental, social and animal welfare standards, ensuring free range "healthy happy" sheep.  It's natural, sustainable, and renewable.  their designs are inspired by the Central Otago landscape where they are made, and with respect to that environment, Tika Merino has developed specific programs to minimize their effects on this unusual terrain.  Obviously I'm ga-ga for this hooded tunic, but they have many other wonderful pieces too.  Find them HERE.


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Tough Cookie said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

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Cool hoodie :-)

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