Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mama, is it Summer Yet? by Nikki McClure

Nikki McClure's work has for a long time charmed and warmed my heart, but her latest effort could have been written just for us.  Mama, Is It Summer Yet echos the same conversations I've been having with my son and I know I am not alone.  McClure's intricate paper cut images are both innocent and sophisticated and capture perfectly the essence of mother nature and motherhood.

McClure celebrates the mundane and sacred.  That precious moment when you get to taste your first strawberry of the season, planting seeds in the garden and watching them sprout... those fleeting moments that make life so beautiful.  As always, it's about living in the present, savoring the moment.

We have been reading this book over and over, and my son has it memorized and reads it to himself.  This book reminds me to stop and really absorb the gifts summer has to offer, now bittersweet as each season marks the lightening fast passage of time and my son growing up.  Summer is a time to get closer to your children, see the world the way they do--as the magical place it is.  Mama, Is It Summer Yet depicts this touchingly and is one of those books your child will remember as one of their favorites when they are adults. It's printed on recycled paper.  Find it HERE. 


bitt said...

I love Nikki's work. I want this book!

Eco Mama said...

Me too Bitt, I love all her work.
Eco Mama