Saturday, April 3, 2010

LaundryTree Soap Nuts

"Did you know there's a fruit that will get your laundry clean?" ask the folks at LaundryTree.  I LOVE this product.  No waste, no chemicals, no allergens, no fragrance. Perfect!  It's also ideal for the newer front loading HE machines and naturally softens fabric, so you don't have to use fabric softener either.

 Have you ever walked past a dryer vent and found yourself with an immediate headache?  Or had trouble being around certain people because of the laundry soaps they use?  I have.  I find most laundry detergents to be a complete assault on my senses causing headache and nausea, I also avoid that isle at the grocery store like the plague.

I'm okay with the fragrance free options such as Seventh Generation, but even with those you still have a giant plastic container to get rid of, what a waste.  Soap nuts are the solution to all of this.  And if you need a scent, LaundryTree offers a starter kit containing your choice of essential oils which are a non toxic alternative to the harsh carcinogenic fragrances found in your typical laundry soap.

Harvested in the Himalayas in a sustainable manner, providing fair trade wages to over 300 women each day, these soap nuts are a win-win, healthy for us, for the earth and local communities.  There is a ton of information on the LaundryTree website about how they are harvested and their many uses and benefits.  Earth Day is coming, an opportunity to make a change.  Maybe one change to consider is switching to soap nuts?  I'm already there, not buying laundry soap in those big bottles again! Find them HERE.


Mindy said...

I'm definitely with you on the scented products. I take walks outside in the evening, and sometimes I suddenly get hit with the nauseating, cloying scent of dryer sheets. I'm clear out in the street, many feet from houses, and still I smell it. Air pollution! There ought to be a fine to pay.

I want to try the soapnuts. The only question I would have is this: it's a LONG way from the Himalayas to the States. If they are flown over, the amount of fuel planes use is astronomical! I'd be willing to bet it's a toss up over the production of the containers, vs the greenhouse gases emitted in transporting the soapnuts over such a long distance. I put those plastic containers or detergent boxes in my recycling container (they are accepted where I live). Many other folks probably just dump them in the trash and send them to the landfill, so that's a consideration, too. I'm glad to hear they work well for you, as that encourages me to try them.


Unknown said...

I can't stand the smell of laundry detergents either. I agree it's hard to be with people who's clothes smell of this stuff. Also, it's rough when you go to someone's house for a visit and you can't sleep because the sheets have that smell.
Been using fragrance free, but I would love to try these soap nuts, thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea - I'll definitely check them out, thanks :-)

Eco Mama said...

Thanks for your comments guys!
Eco Mama

Anonymous said...

I DID check them out and now I LOVE them too! I've tried them unscented and also with essential lavender oil. Both work but I prefer the light fragrance of the lavender oil and now I can amuse myself by trying other essential oils as well!

Thanks Eco Mama!!!

Unknown said...

what a great post! EH talked about castor oil bath and the soap nut powder before the led class on saturday awhile back. I feel so connected with you being there in Mysore, you having EH as a teacher too and reading this and me practicing with her now. small world! keep these posts coming!
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