Friday, April 2, 2010

High Raw Detox Day 2

Feeling fine today, no detox symptoms but not doing anything hard core. 
Morning:  Green Juice-broccoli stalks, kale, lemon, carrot, apple, chard.
Mid Morning:  Grapefruit with Stevia
Lunch: Half of a Yam w/coconut oil, salt and pepper, and flash sautéed greens (kale, chard, mustard, spinach, garlic).
Dinner:  Made an exception for red potatoes (not part of Natalia Rose's plan) since leeks came in my organic delivery box.  Boiled the potatoes, sautéed some leeks, then tossed together with kale and chard.  I know potatoes are not the most detoxy thing I could eat, but it's warm and comforting and actually I don't think the small red potatoes are all that bad on occasion.
*I've been freezing cold today and wanted warm food.  The green drink and the grapefruit were the only raw items today, but I ate a ton of very lightly heated greens. 


bitt said...

stevia on grapefruit--good idea! i like stevia with tart flavors.

Eco Mama said...

Me too!
Eco Mama