Thursday, April 22, 2010

HAPPY EARTH DAY and Five Earth Day Activities For Kids

1.  Do some earth-art.  Draw pictures of our world, wildlife, and changes we can make for a healthier planet.  Make a dandelion necklace or art from objects found in nature.

2. Plant some seeds or a little starter plant.  Kids love to watch seeds sprout to life and nurture their own plant which fosters a feeling of connection to our earth.

3.  Go on a nature walk and write down the different plants, trees and wildlife you see to research later.

4.  Walk or take the bus for the day.

5.  Make a change.  Go vegan for the day, trade your regular laundry soap for soap nuts, buy organic, etc.  Use glass instead of plastic--enter my giveaway for Kidishes for instance (see previous post).  Kids are enthusiastic about making beneficial changes and it's empowering for them to know they are making an impact with their choices.

Image Credit: woodleywonderworks

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