Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vintage Vegetarian

HBO has been running Author! Author! and no matter how many times I see this movie, when I run across it, I'm charmed. Al Pacino plays an almost-single dad who is a quirky playwrite and vegetarian. You see kids eating a lot of salads which I love, and communicating in a more adult fashion which is amusing and something you wouldn't see in a film today. The fridge is loaded with greens and veggies and the parent is an insomniac--just like our house.

It's warm and funny and I got a big crush on Al Pacino when I was a kid because of this movie. You can get the DVD on Amazon with some unfortunate edits, apparently, but I think it's still worth it until the full version comes out. It's totally dated but still refreshing compared to much of what's being offered in cinema these days. This is comfort coming home to milk and cookies.

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