Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am EXTREMELY absolutely boiling

Book stores, it turns out, are a great place to seek refuge from the heat. And look what we found. Charlie and Lola always nail it for me, I think I love them more than my son does (I know I do because he's starting to want to watch Diego more). I am EXTREMELY absolutely boiling is obviously about coping with summer heat (with a sub-plot), and it's as cool as all the other Charlie and Lola books. With 103 degree heat, it was perfectly apt and made me smile.

They're the only modern cartoon characters that really mesmerize me, almost make me feel like a kid again. If you're not familiar, they're British, very smart and very artful. You can get books and DVDs and it's on tv, but I DVR everything, so I'm not sure what channels. Visually, it's a feast to watch with lots of color and pattern and texture variety, the plots are intelligent, sensitive and funny. They also have a show/book about recycling that got my son very excited about that. If you've never seen them, it's a refreshing treat.

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