Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cool down with Cucumbers

It's Hot. It's so hot that sometimes it's hard to eat. Definitely hard to cook. I have two go-to foods when I need cooling down in the summer: watermelon and cucumber. If you want sweet, go with watermelon, if you want salty, go with cucumber. (We'll talk about watermelon later.)
Cucumbers have a 90% water content and are cooler on the inside than the surrounding temperature. Like a portable oasis.

There's something about cucumbers that just seems...clean. Clean and fresh. They smell clean, they look clean, they taste clean and they actually are very cleansing to the system. Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, folate and fiber are all part of the cucumber's benefits.

Sliced cucumbers can be used topically to releive swollen or itchy eyes, minor burns and other skin irritations. They can reduce swelling and, taken internally (cucumber is great in juice), cucumber's silica content is great for the complexion.

Slice them up vertically into sticks and eat them with a little bit of salt, your favorite salad dressing or chop them up and put them in salad or tabouleh. Make sure you buy organic as some pretty gnarly pesticides are used on cukes.

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