Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dyson's Awesome New Vacuum: DC65

Dyson's got a new vacuum out, the Animal Complete DC65, and I think it's their best one yet.  Of course it's beautiful.  It has a fucsia top and some bright purple accents, paired with a charcoal gray body, it's functional art like everything else Dyson makes.  So they had me at first glance.

Now for the function.  I've tried several of their vacuums, and this is my new favorite, they just keep getting better and better.  They redesigned the airflow and brush bar to be more powerful by 25%, and they've updated cyclone and ball technology, and the new motor is 150% faster.  It comes with three different brushes, a tangle-free turbine tool and--something I really appreciate--they included a bag for all the accessories.  

I notice a difference in quality.  Not that I wasn't already satisfied with previous models, frankly, I didn't think it could get any better short of the vacuum taking the initiative on it's own and vacuuming my house without me.  And don't think that's not on Dyson's mind, I bet they have robot vacuums one of these days, and they will be gorgeous too.

Dyson is so well known for over the top suction that some carpet manufacturors won't warranty your carpet if you use them becuause they can pull out the threads.  I've been using Dyson vacuums for years and have never had this happen, but it does speak to the power of these machines.  They are the only vacuums to be allergy certified, so you don't get that little cloud of dust that sometimes comes out of other vacuums re-polluting the air.

My floors are cork and bamboo, and I have area rugs, so lots of variation.  This vacuum is self-adjusting and rolls over each surface seamlessly.   The DC65 maneuvers with ease and turns on a dime.  The suction wand is great for cob webs and hard to reach dust bunnies and debris.  It's a dream to use, and did I mention how fun it is to use a vacuum with a happy fuscia canister?  Find it HERE.