Wednesday, January 22, 2014

FLOR Eco Friendly Carpet Squares

FLOR carpet squares are a great rug and carpet option, especially for families and homes with pets.  The interchangeable tiles come in hundreds of colors, patterns, and variations, and they're made from recycled materials.  The concept is modern, versatile and easy to maintain.  

Since the squares are removable, they're a breeze to clean.  You can just pick up the one that is soiled, rinse it off in the sink, and replace it.  This also makes FLOR super versatile when you want to change the mood of the room.  When you are ready for a change, just swap out a few squares for a different color or design. From bright fuchsia, to bold orange, stripes, organic shapes, all the way down to muted grays and browns, the options are endless. 

FLOR's latest collection is inspired by global design and animal prints.  What a great way to add a pop of color or interest to your room.  Different squares have different textures and FLOR recommends getting samples before deciding on a design.  Choose from tons of fabulous options HERE.