Monday, October 28, 2013

Vote YES on 522

Did you get your ballot yet?  I'm talking to you, Washingtonians.  Monstanto has dumped over 14 million dollars into defeating this initiative, we can't let that happen.  Who doesn't want to know what's in their food?  Who wants to eat frankenfood?  Nobody.  That's why Monsanto is trying so hard to stop this.  And they succeeded in California, with over 45 million dollars going toward stopping labeling.

Under 522, your food will be labeled, and you will know if you are eating genetically modified foods.  Starving Haitians had the wisdom to reject Monsanto's seeds, surely we can get together and at the very least get this stuff labeled.  Why it's not banned, as it is in so many other countries, is a disgrace.  Why don't we want to consume GMOs?  Have a look at these rats.

That's just for starters. We want and need bees, right?  Colony collapse disorder is heavily linked to GMOs and pesticides.  There is absolutely no scientific consensus that GMOs are safe, and I truly think it's a matter of common sense.  Do we want poisoned frankenfood or not?  At the very least, we should have the right to know what we're buying, right?  For more information, go HERE, and please vote YES on 522.