Monday, October 14, 2013

Gear up for Cozy: Acorn Slippers

As Autumn puts on it's orange and red fireworks, I start wanting chai, and slippers.  It's time to gear up for cozy.  Acorn has a new bootie out, the Moxie, and it's super warm and cute.  Since I started wearing slippers, and not just socks, I don't get that cold-to-the-bone chill I used to.  You know that level of cold where the only cure is a hot shower?  You can help avoid that by keeping your feet warm.

Simple, I know, but I've spent many a winter in socks.  Sixteen dollar wool socks broke that habit--I wanted to preserve them--now I can't go without slippers.  The Moxies have a sole, so if you need to run to the mailbox or grab the paper, you can, and it comes up over the heel to protect the bootie.  They can be worn folded down, or up (I like them up).  These would be awesome for apres ski or snow play, they have a rustic, log cabin toasty appeal to them.  Acorn is having a contest right now to win these HERE

A great vegan alternative to the Moxie is the Chinchilla Mule.  These are so cute!  Perfect for slipping on and off, the pretty gray faux fur keeps your feet toasty.  I love the heather gray wool uppers, and they also have a sole which makes them last a long time, give your feet support while the memory foam makes them ultra comfortable and gives your feet a welcome relief.  They come in several colors and would make a wonderful holiday gift.  I wear a size 8.5 and need a 9, or large in Acorns.  Find them HERE