Friday, February 1, 2013

Prop 37 Backlash

As shocked and upset as I was to see the prop 37 fail, I do find it heartening that it exposed the dirty dealings of certain food companies to deceive their customers.  All those millions spent to pull the  wool over consumers' eyes has only added fuel to the fire and hopefully will serve to speed the process of gmo labeling. 

For the last ten years these underhanded companies have been getting away with murder--quite literally in my opinion--by selling food products containing gmos.  Companies I once trusted, like KNUDSEN, KASHI, HORIZON ORGANIC, SILK, ODWALLA, ALEXIA, CASCADIAN FARMS, LARABAR--how could they object to labeling??  Because they are owned by food giants who would then have to label their toxic food.  If you need a refresher on why gmos are tremendously dangerous, take a look at THIS.