Wednesday, December 19, 2012

El Naturalista Yggdrasil Boots

Need something to make your spirits bright this holiday season?  How about a pair of eco friendly,  super comfy boots inspired by Nordic mythology?  El Naturalista is a brand that makes an art out of green footwear, making their shoes and boots as environmentally healthy as possible while infusing each pair with a beautiful backstory and great looks.

These Yggdrasils are derived from sacred Finnish legend unifying earth with universe and translates to Tree of Life.  The gods planted an ash tree with roots that went from the center of the universe and branches wrapping all around the earth. 

Reinforced stitching throughout, The "Frog Shock System" removable recycled insole combined with the cushy sole made from post industrial rubber waste is comfortable and gives you a little height.  There's a side zip as well as the cute buttons and they easily slip on and off.  The hide is naturally treated with river stones, not harsh chemicals,  Find them HERE.