Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Boy's Holiday Gift Guide

Need some gift ideas for boys?  And by boys, I mean the kind that range from about seven years old to fifty seven. 
Dangerous Book for Boys:  This has been around a few years, it's classic boy stuff, fun illustrations, and just something you'd want on your shelf.  I love the retro manly vibe.
Pocket Knife:  Every boy wants a pocket knife, right?  Gerber makes some attractive pocket knives accented with bright green which makes them easier to find in a backpack and more appealing to design freaks like me.  The Dime has all the essentials and can go right on your key chain and is a perfect surprise for stockings.  
Headphones:  We all need headphones these days.  And if you travel, noise cancelling headphones help with hearing your inflight movies and drowning out loud and annoying sounds.  They are supposed to reduce fatigue for this reason.  Able Planet just came out with some new Traveler's Choice headphones in fun bright colors.  These are fabulous for kids (if you have more than one, you can color code) and the color makes them easy to find and easy to identify.  They are foldable and have a volume control right on the cord.  The sound is just as great as the older black model.  They come with a travel pouch and in a great looking gift worthy box.
Wool Socks:  Darn Tough makes some awesome socks.  And I mean AWESOME.  Know why?  Not only do they come in great colors and a huge variety styles for any activity, Darn Tough guarantees them for life.  I still have a hard time believing it, but it's true.  Never feel guilty for spending $20 on socks again, these are an investment.  Wool is infinitely superior to other fabrics and will keep your feet dry and warm.  In warm weather, it will wick moisture away from your feet and prevent blisters.  It's good stuff, and makes a great gift.  A couple pair in the stocking would be fabulous and they have many options to choose from.
Stanley Insulated Bottle:  Stanley is commemorating their 100th year with a limited edition version of their vacuum seal bottle.  These things are hard core, you can literally run over them with a truck and they will be okay.  Not that you would do that, of course, but they're rugged.  And rugged is manly, even if it's just for your son's backpack (they come in different sizes).  He'll have it ten years later when he goes off to college and be able to pass it on to his kids.  What better way to drink hot chocolate?
Leap Organics Bar Soaps:   Just look at that artwork on the package.  Masculine and gorgeous.  They have several different scents, all natural, all organic and they are all fabulous.  Perfect for the stocking.