Friday, July 27, 2012

KEEN Newport H2

I'm a huge fan of KEEN, and have been wearing them for what, about eight years now.  They are one of my top favorite brands because one--I can't wear a pair out, and two--they're as cute as they are comfortable.  Having said that, I have never tried their flagship shoe--the Newport Sandal.  Honestly, I never thought they were KEEN's best looking style.

But, last year I got my son a pair and after seeing them on him every day they really started to grow on me, they really are very cute!  This year I discovered that KEEN has a washable version--the leather free NEWPORT H2.  You can just throw them in the wash, fabulous!  How perfect for all the Summer activities like wading around in water, kayaking, frog catching, puddle stomping, etc.

They're perfect for in between weather too, when flip flops are too little, but a shoe is overkill. These are the perfect Summer hybrid of sandal-shoe-hiking boot. The soles are beefy and shock absorbing and you can hit the trails in these (light trails).  They're versatility lends itself to travel.  Really great Summer shoe, find it HERE. Remember to order up a half size with most KEEN shoes.