Monday, July 2, 2012

Ex Officio BugsAway Clothing

They say this year mosquitoes and ticks are going to be extra bad.  So what if, like me, you are sensitive to chemicals and avoid bug spray like the plague?  You can invest in some of Ex Officio's BugsAway clothing, that's what.

Check out this Halo shirt which incorporates Insect Shield, a non toxic pesticide that is bonded to the fabric fibers.  It's made with Premethrin, which is derived from chrysanthemum flowers.  There is absolutely no smell and you can't see it, but the bugs hate it.  It works on mosquitoes, flies, ticks, ants and no-see-ums, how cool is this?!  The bug repellent lasts through 70 washes, and this shirt also has the added bonus of being UPF 30+ for extra sun protection.

The sleeves roll up  and button to keep them up, and there is ventilation in the back--perfect for hiking and backpacking.  There are two security pockets on the front (I wish these were located somewhere else for women), and it's quick drying and lightweight making it great for travel too.  How have I lived without this stuff?  I can think of so many times this would have made outdoor situations so much better.

Ex Officio's BugsAway line comes in all sorts of pieces for both men and women so you can outfit appropriately for the occasion.  The fit on the Halo shirt is relaxed (I wear an 8-10 top and the M fit generously).  They come in different colors and patterns perfect for your Summer adventures.  Find yours HERE.