Monday, April 23, 2012

3 Reasons to Go Hiking with Your Kids

Why get out in the woods with your kids?  Because it plants the seed of loving nature in them that hopefully will last their entire lives.  Reverence for nature enriches your life tremendously, I can't imagine not having that innate need to get outdoors.  It's something I totally take for granted until I hear someone say they're not into it.  What? How could that be?  To each his own, and not everyone has access to the outdoors so easily.  But even if you are a city dweller, it's worth it to make the effort to get out there, especially if you have kids.  Why?

1.  It's bonding.  Sharing time in the natural world creates loving bonds.  Some of the best memories are made outside.  You don't have all the distractions of home, like television, video games and the pressures and chores.  You're in the moment, present with your children.  It's an ideal family activity and a way to create traditions. 

2.  It teaches them at an early age to be comfortable outdoors.  They learn a sense of direction, of competence, it's great for their sense of well being and confidence.  They feel more connected to the world around them, and more protective of the environment.

3.  It's healthy!  Hiking is great exercise, but so fun you don't realize you're getting a great workout at the same time.  Breathing all that fresh air is far superior than what you might find in a gym and it's adventurous to boot. 

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