Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Turn Your Home into an Eco Friendly Spa with NANDINA

I have never become so excited over towels as I have today, after discovering NANDINAThese are probably the most magnificent towels I've ever seen.  Really?  Magnificent?  Towels?  Yes.  Not only are they a blend of soft delicious organic fibers, but they are functional art.  They are healthy, luxurious, and absolutely gorgeous.  I can't believe I'm swooning over towels, but seriously--they are perfect.

First off, they are Oeko-Tex certified organic.  Very very important because we know that cotton is loaded with pesticides and is one of the most heavily sprayed crops.  I wish everything in my house was certified organic, but this stuff is not always so easy to find.

Next, the aesthetics rule.  They are available in many colors, including black, which is extremely hard to find in organic.  Their colors are rich and and beautiful.  The Persimmon knocked my socks off--resembling exactly that deep saturated orangey color of a persimmon.  It's a color I can't get enough of, energizing but at the same time has that sumptuous sexy quality of the fruit.  Color is so important, so often with organic textiles we are stuck with the same colors over and over.  Neutrals, or that "natural" color, you know what I mean?  Sure, it's a nice color too, but there are so many vibrant colors in nature and I like living with stronger colors that enhance my mood.  It's wonderful to have that option and Nandina offers a wide range from neutral to bold.

Not only are there many colors to choose from, but the patterns are unique and fabulously artful.  Laurel, one of the owners, told me that the Akhara pattern comes from a wrought iron gate she saw while traveling in Morrocco.  The pattern is exquisite, something I've never seen on a towel lending an off-the-charts sense of luxury.  I just knew when I saw it that there was a story behind it.  The Sosa pattern gets its inspiration from Indian Saris.  Can you imagine if this much thought went into our daily necessities how beautiful our world would be?  I have a passion for artful green living and Nandina could be a poster child for what I mean by that. 
Lastly, the towels are the exact perfect weight, texture and size.  They're light and somewhat thin (in a good and hard to find way), but very luxurious.  And you know how the softer, more lux towels are usually not absorbent?  These are.  In fact, I've never used a towel this absorbent, it's remarkable.  They're so wonderful to wrap yourself up in after the shower, and they give you the right coverage, not too much, not too little.  For those who like an extra large towel, they do come in a Bath Sheet, but I found the regular Bath towel to be just right.  I thought I had nice towels, but boy was I wrong.  I never want to use another towel again after this.
After a nice hot soothing shower (where you used organic body care), you can slip into one of Nandina's certified organic cotton-bamboo rayon robes.  This is like being hugged by someone you really love that loves you right back.  They are a  heavy spa-weight that feels so plush and cozy, and they come in black!  They come in other colors too, but once again, I don't think there are other black organic robes out there, it's really hard to get workable dyes in the darker colors.  Nandina's color options really set them apart from other companies in this genre.

This robe is dreamy.  I love the little slits on the sides which make it a little more fashion forward than normal spa robes.  I'm 5'5 and usually an 8-10 in size and the medium fit great, the sleeves hit at the wrists which is good, usually robe sleeves are long on me.  It was nice to wear it while preparing dinner, something I wouldn't do in my other robes.  Once I put it on, I didn't want to take it off!

Healthy, functional, artful, environmentally friendly--you just can't beat it.   Going to a spa can be time and cost prohibitive, why not create your own green spa at home?  If you need an excuse, Valentine's Day is coming--lavish yourself or someone you love (men are said to go ga-ga for Nandina just as much as women).   Find them HERE.

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