Thursday, February 24, 2011

TABLE TOPICS: Perfect for the Family Dinner

Since reading Laurie David's FAMILY DINNER, I've been extra focused on making meal time as fun and meaningful as possible.   TABLE TOPICS are a wonderful way to get the ball rolling. 

Each box contains 135 question cards.  The box itself is a shiny clear lucite cube that is good looking enough to leave out on the table and would also make a lovely presentation for a gift ideal for hostesses and holidays.   It has weight and feels good in your hand.

Family Gathering Table Topics would be wonderful at larger family events, taking the pressure off and encouraging conversation destined to bring people closer, recalling fun memories and lightening things up with humor.

The Family Edition has been on our table for a good week and it really has sparked some fun conversations.  If you are using them with young children, you could easily rotate a couple of different themes (Family Edition and Original , for example) as answers will change and questions will be forgotten. 

My son is crazy about these.  Now when we sit down for a meal he asks excitedly, "where are the questions?"  We took them with us to the Thai restaurant and not only did it occupy him while we waited for our food, one of the owners of the restaurant was fascinated with them and wanted some for her family.   Find them HERE.

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