Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Smartwool: It's time to bring out the wool

Synthetic materials just don't cut it with me.  When it comes to warmth and performance, no matter how many times I try other materials I always come back to wool.  Smartwool is a brand I trust for quality, eco mindedness,  and animal well being.  "We would never hurt sheep," says Smartwool, "we love our sheep."  They participate in active promotion of enviornemtal stewardship programs and utilize eco friendly practices.  Wool is a natural, sustainable material and offers the benefit of managing temperature, odor and moisture.  The comfort level is high and so is the durabilty.

High Isle Socks are perfect to wear under boots.  They come in several different color combinations.  I love the Autumn colors in the Sienna High Isle.  Perfect for the season!

The Lupine Scarf is thin and wonderful to wear as an accessory beyond keeping warm.  I love the Charcoal Heather for wardrobe versatility but there are brighter options as well.  It's soft and cozy and very well made.

And for the days when you want to keep warm and still wear a dress or skirt, there are Smartwool Galoon Tights.  I find they run true according to the sizing chart, they are soft and look great with boots.


HiHoRosie said...

Oooh, they do sound nice and cozy and toasty warm! We might need them this winter!

Eco Mama said...

Yes indeed HiHoRosie!
Eco Mama