Friday, September 24, 2010

Wild Creations Frog Eco-Aquarium

Want to make a smashing hit with your children?  Just bring this Eco Aquarium from Wild Creations into the house and watch the fun.  My son couldn't have been more excited when this arrived via Fed Ex all contained in a small box--items to set up the aquarium and two live frogs.  Live frogs!  There is nothing more exciting to a five year old boy.  I was big on frogs when I was a little girl, so I think it could be just as exciting for a girl, they're very cute.

The whole thing is really cute and adds a splash of color and life to your space.  It's easy to put together, takes just a few minutes and does not make a mess, all you need to have on hand is spring water.  the food that is included lasts a whole year and you only have to feed the frogs twice a week and clean the aquarium every three months which is also a very simple process.

Your child learns about the eco system since all parts act synergistically to create a balanced habitat.   It's perfect for parents who want their kids to have the thrill and responsibility of a pet but without a lot of maintenance.

I think this would be wonderful at a birthday party situation, both for the birthday-kid, or to bring as a gift.  It's also perfect for a classroom.  Wild Creations is an eco-minded company who promotes love and respect of nature.  Highly recommended!  Find it HERE.


Tough Cookie said...

So neat! Thanks for sharing xoxo

Eco Mama said...

Thanks TC!
Eco Mama

HiHoRosie said...

That is so cool! You always review the coolest things.

Eco Mama said...

Thank you Hi Ho Rosie,
I'm glad you like them!
Eco Mama