Wednesday, September 8, 2010

KEEN Weidler Backpack

Keen is one of my very favorite shoe and bag companies.  Their stuff is buy-it-once quality, is super functional and well thought out, uses recycled content, and looks cool to boot.

Check out this new Weidler Backpack.  This is something new for me as it has a side opening/closure, making it easy to access contents while still on your shoulder.  The compartments are an electronic device junkie's dream with plenty of spaces for your camera, ipod, phone, and a padded separate compartment for your laptop.  There's a chest strap for heavier loads, and recycled metal hardware.

Normally I like my gear as plain and logo-free as possible.  A prominent logo could potentially be a deal breaker for me.  For some reason the Keen logo just makes me smile.  It looks kind of like a big toothy grin, it's a happy logo and one of the few that I really love.  The big Keen logo on this pack makes it look even cooler and also makes it easy to spot for traveling purposes.

I think this would be a great pack for cycling or any type of commuting to work.  The recycled rubber on the bottom makes it nice for setting down on the bus or train and the reflector on the bottom makes you a little more visible on your bike.  There are handles both on the top and the side so you can grab it from any angle, and the zippers glide smoothly.

It might be a little better for guys (or taller females) for daily commuting.  I'm 5'5 with a medium frame and the bag hits me below my hips.  It's a little big for me for quickie trips but would be wonderful on the plane or for longer excursions.  It would be great for a weekend (or week-long) adventure.  There's plenty of room for clothes, books, snacks, extra shoes, small blanket, etc.  The Weidler is a great multipurpose bag, find it HERE.  

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