Sunday, June 13, 2010

Acorn Eco Friendly Slippers

Need some slippers for the summer?  Acorn's Eco line of slippers feature hemp and organic cotton and aims to reduce our ecological footprint by utilizing natural, renewable, biodegradable and organic materials.

This Quilted Eco Slide slipper is soft and cozy and I love the plain simple style and neutral color.  So often women's slippers are pastel colors or loud pinks.  This is subtle and pleasing to the eye.  The Eco Slipper comes in a ballet, thong, and scuff style as well.  Find them HERE.


bitt said...

My huband got some acorn one for his b-day--so comfy! and vegan!

Eco Mama said...

I think this particular pair has some wool, so not vegan, but they do have some great vegan options as well.
Eco Mama

The EcoDiva said...

I love my Acorns!