Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cuisipro Foam Pump Soap Dispenser

Do you ever feel bad about buying those plastic soap dispenser bottles? I did. So I tried several other ways to deal minimize waste. I found a lovely stainless steel dispenser and got my soap from the co-op bulk section. Well, in no time the metal reacted with the soap and it got all yucky and gross and I didn't want to use the soap because it was rusty and brown. I tried bars but they were really messy, particularly with a four year old in the house.

Then I came across
this Cuisipro Foam Pump soap dispenser and wondered if it would work. It does! It saves you money because you only use a tiny bit of soap and the rest is water. Brilliant! The foam is a big improvement on the regular glob of soap in terms of both waste and rinsing, my hands feel cleaner with the foam and well rinsed.

There is a suction cup on the bottom which is great for kids, my son has a much easier time with this than with previous methods we've tried. You can bring the whole thing to the co-op and there will be zero waste (or you can just re-use a different bottle). This is a great product, find it

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