Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dyson Turbinehead Canister Vacuum. Function Meets Design.

Why can't all appliances be this sexy?  Seriously, this Dyson Turbinehead DC23 looks like a piece of modern art.  Everything that comes into your house should be aesthetically pleasing to you.  Why not?  I wish other appliance makers would get this simple concept. Why shouldn't our mundane utility items be beautiful?  That is what I notice first with this Dyson, it's good looks.  It's charcoal gray body, cobalt blue canister and modern design are striking and pleasing to see around the house.

The next thing I notice is that it's intuitive and easy to maneuver.  The head is thin enough to slide under furniture easily, the telescoping wand is simple to adjust for height, and the canister is easy to remove.  I Love Love Love the retractable cord, the on off button is located right next to the retractable cord button, everything is easy to find.  The vacuum is lightweight enough to carry around the house with ease.  The handle is ergonomic and actually pivots while on the floor or when cleaning furniture and stairs or dusting.  Everything is very simple and straightforward.

One thing that is wonderful about Dyson is that there are no bags.  You simply remove the canister, press a button and the contents go right into your garbage.  I recommend doing this frequently, after each use or every other use.  There are also no belts and no filters to have to keep up with, you only have to maintain the filter by washing it occasionally.  This is both convenient and saves money.

Another thing I love about Dyson is that they are wonderful for people with allergies and asthma.  Dyson vacuums are certified asthma and allergy friendly from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.  There's no funky smell or particles floating around--you know how sometimes vacuums seem to stir up more stuff than they vacuum?  Not this.

There are several attachments, making upholstery cleaning and getting into nooks and crannies easy and the suction is great for both my bamboo floors and carpet.  I Love this vacuum, highly recommended!  Find it HERE


Averie @ Averie Cooks said...

thanks for the nice comments on my blog, have a wonderful night!

Eco Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by Averie!
Eco Mama

Sheena LaShay said...

Do you have a recommendation for a "sustainable" version of the swiffer?

Eco Mama said...

You know I really think the best way to clean floors is on hands and knees with a non toxic cleaner like vinegar. But I will look for that. When I got these I bought a flat sweeper/mop with a removable microfiber cloth that you can just throw in the wash, no chemicals. It's okay but not that great, not enough to recommend. I'll keep you posted when I find the right tool!
Eco Mama