Monday, August 12, 2013

Pacific Kale: I am Obsessed!

Pacific Kale just got a new look and it gives me an excuse to talk about them.  I'm totally obsessed with these kale chips!  The Glacier Peak especially, but any of them really.  Kale Chips are my favorite snack, I can't get enough.  I make my own, but can never put any aside, between myself and my son, the second they're ready, they are gone--consumed as fast as I can make them. 

Buying them packaged accomplishes what I might be able to do on my own if I had any self control.  The concept of having a ready made leafy green snack that is this delicious---it's Fabulous!  Raw greens, but any time we want them, right out of the pantry (or backpack), ready to eat.  The trouble is they're too good and it's an expensive habit.  But when you consider the health benefits, I think it's worth it.  And when I'd rather have this than pretty much any other snack including chocolate chip cookies or chip-chips, etc, I'd say that's pretty great.   I'm particularly fond of Pacific Kale because they don't over-flavor their chips.  They are melt-in-your-mouth light and crispy and subtle, and....well they are just perfect.

Anyway, they've gone from bags to boxes (presumably to keep the leaves in tact) and they are even easier to scarf down---uh--munch on.  If you haven't tried them already, you must.  Find them HERE