Thursday, March 14, 2013

TEVA Crank: When Shoe Laces are Cool

There comes a time when little details in your kid's fashion become important to them.  Like whether or not shoes have laces.  Personally, I prefer the non-lace shoes, but at some point, my son started associating that with "baby shoes" and demanded lace up shoes.  TEVA's Youth Crank is a great choice for a children's lace up shoe.  Teva in general is great because they are high quality and hard to wear out, but I love the Crank for it's good looks, particularly the black with contrasting cobalt blue laces.

My son says they're the best shoes he's ever had and that they are super comfortable.  I find they run true to size and hold up great.  If your child needs some shoes for summer, these would be a nice option.  And for those of you that prefer a non-laced shoe, the Charge is a great pick and doubles as a hiking shoe.  It's lightweight, breathable, and great looking.