Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kelp Krunch: Stock up Now!

Want a super healthy super delicious portable snack?  Try  Kelp Krunch, from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables.  July 20 is the last day to order before they close down for the season, not to reopen again until September 4, so be sure to stock up.  They're great for camping, travel, kids' lunches, and any time you need an energizing delicious snack.
I love these!  They are low in calories and high in nutrition and also organic, vegan, and gluten free--the perfect snack.  They are made with sesame seeds and kelp, and are sweetened with rice syrup.  They have a wonderful crunchy texture and a salty-sweet flavor and I could probably eat a whole box they're so good, so luckily they are individually wrapped to help with restraint.  Those of you that can control yourselves may buy it in bulk.
Sesame seeds are very high in calcium and seaweed is loaded with minerals and nutrients.  I ordered three cases and after my first bite realized I should have ordered more.  I've never tried the Ginger flavor, but I can highly recommend the original. A portion of the sales goes to Allied Whale for whale conservation and research.  Stock up on these and other fantastic sea vegetable products HERE.