Friday, May 25, 2012

Aventura Eco Friendly Swimwear

Need a cute new bathing suit or cover-up for the Summer?  Check out Aventura's new line of Recycled Poly Swimwear and Cover-ups.  I have recently discovered this brand and can't get enough, their stuff is so cute, comfortable and functional.  
Look at the outfit pictured above, isn't that wonderful for a trip to the Famers' Market for snacks, then off to the beach?  It's the Kaleidoscope Tankini worn with the Hayden Capris which have a cute little tattoo graphic detail on the back band.  They are quick dry, and perfect for travel and adventure.  The pants pack up very light and would be great on a camping trip or European holiday.  The tankini top would easily double as a top--you could wear it to a restaurant and no one would know the difference, it's just like a regular tank top.  But after lunch, you can head out onto the lake for some paddle boarding, how cool is that?  Find these and other great options HERE.