Monday, March 19, 2012

Fridge Binz: Vegetarian's Best Friend

Do you have expensive organic produce rotting in your refrigerator because you can't find it?  Or you don't use it because you don't see it and then find a shriveled up mystery vegetable a few weeks later and remember that recipe you meant to try.  I do this all the time, I spend a fortune on organic produce only to let it go bad which is expensive and wasteful.   I hate throwing away organic food, don't you?

Well not anymore.  I discovered these amazing refrigerator organizers called Fridge Binz and they completely solved this problem.  My fridge used to contain big clumps of produce jammed in.  It was just a big green pile and I'd have to rummage through it searching for whatever it was while things were going bad at different rates.  Now I have my produce totally organized and NOTHING has gone bad for a good two weeks.  This is huge.

I warn you, these things become addictive for a while until you get all your stuff organized, you'll want several.  I found two locally, then I realized you can also get them online at stores like The Container Store and Amazon.  They come in all different shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

They are fantastic for juice enthusiasts.  I have one for all my juicing produce--this makes an enormous difference in my juicing routine, cutting down time.  I just pull out that bin, draw right from it while I'm juicing, then return it to the fridge when I'm done.  It's so much easier than rooting around for each thing.

My refrigerator is so beautiful and organized now, my obsession migrated to my pantry.  The bins are interchangeable from fridge to pantry, but I like the bins with the lip for the fridge and the bins with the handles for the pantry.  I have really deep shelves in my pantry that are not practical at all.  These bins help so much with keeping things under control and making food accessible when it wasn't before.

If you have children, you can designate bins for them, they would be great in a roommate situation or you can keep special dietary needs separate from other food--gluten free for instance.  There are so many ways to use these.  I wish I could organize everything so easily.

I think these pay for themselves very quickly in terms of conserving food that would have otherwise been thrown out.  You might also eat a lot healthier if your produce is right there in front of you and easy to get at.  They are BPA free and a fabulous invention, find them HERE on Amazon (click on INTERDESIGN under the product title to see more of their stuff).