Thursday, March 25, 2010

simplehuman Fingerprint-proof Trash Cans

A trash can is something we use every day but don't really think much about.  But it's a pretty integral part of the kitchen and in the last few years, trash can designs have become much more sophisticated.

Enter the simplehuman Fingerprint-proof steel Trash Can.  This is the ultimate trash can.  First of all, it will last at least 10 years.  In five years I have purchased three trash cans for the kitchen and they either fell apart or were awkward to use in some way and didn't last.  I thought I was buying quality--they were stainless--but they just weren't made that well.  Simple Human has a warranty on these so you don't have to worry about your investment.

The trash can is very good looking, but more than that, they have really thought the design through.  The step is easy, the lid opens and closes quietly and seamlessly to keep in odors, and my favorite part is the ease with which the bags go in and out.  It has a special little grip for the trash bags so you don't have to struggle to hide the bag or keep it in place.  There's also a little stash place for spare bags.  It is not completely fingerprint-proof on the top of the lid for my four year old, but he has been very interested in it and I think when the curiosity wears off it won't be an issue.  No fingerprints have shown up anywhere else on the can.

For those that need a recycling solution, they make a Rectangular Recycler Trash Can which I think is a great idea.  Currently I keep recycle bins on my porch that work for me, but this would be ideal for those living in apartments or condos.  simplehuman makes all sorts of organizational tools to make life easier, check them out HERE


Sheena LaShay said...

I recently did a post about simplehuman too. I love their products. I have about five of them, including a trash can in my home.

I love them!

Eco Mama said...

Me too Sly!
Eco Mama

Mary said...

We have something similar that we ordered from Costco (I just got up to look for a brand, but I couldn't find one!). It has trash on one side and recycling on the other, and both open with a foot pedal thingy. I like it. Our previous solution was stacking the recycling up beside the sink until one of us got sick of it and brought it to the basement, so this is better.

Eco Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by Mary.
Eco Mama