Monday, January 25, 2010

Wink: The Ninja Who Wanted To Be Noticed

Wink is a little ninja who can't sit still or be quiet.  Even though Master Zutsu tries to teach stealth through discipline, Wink doesn't get it.  Master Zutsu tells his students, "Silence is the weapon of the ninja," but Wink can't help himself and is unable to embrace stillness.  Boy does this sound familiar.  Wink is my four year old!

Wink goes through a series of encounters until he finally finds an appropriate outlet for his enthusiasm and creativity.  Though put across in a humorous manner, there are deeper underlying issues such as feeling left out or different (something we can all relate to at some point) and personal authenticity--finding a way to express your true self and being appreciated for that.

The illustrations are fantastic, filled with charming details and visual textures.  This book is intelligent, unique and fun to read over and over.  Author J. C. Phillipps did her own fabulous artwork for the book and there are rumors of a follow up to Wink (yaay!).  Find it HERE.

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