Sunday, January 10, 2010

Waechtersbach: Eco Friendly Dinnerware That Puts Color On Your Table

I love color.  Waechtersbach says, "We color your life," and boy do they.  Their colors are deeply saturated and almost seem to have texture.  I have some white dishes that I got because I like the way the food looks on the plate and it shows up well for photographs, but it's my Waechtersbach that are the most fun to use.

These coupe dinner plates are modern and come in wonderful colors.  The Kiwi green and Orange are my favorites, though it's hard to choose.  Vibrant fruits and veggies look fabulous on them.  They're solid and durable.

Waechtersbach is an environmentally friendly company and takes care to minimize their impact on the earth during production.  Check them out HERE.


Tough Cookie said...

Color really makes all the difference, and even better when it is eco-friendly!

Eco Mama said...

Thanks Tough Cookie!
Eco Mama